The basic target of online casinos is to encourage existing players and allure new ones. For this very reason, they tend to provide numerous bonuses, one of which is called a Referral or Refer-a-Friend offer. And while some players seek for portals with large Welcome promos and change the sites all the time, the others stay with their favorite casinos, taking advantage of their ongoing benefits.

Types of Invitation Rewards in Online Casino

Pick up a friend bonus in casinoSo, once you are a part of a trustworthy and reliable casino, activate all its bonuses created for newcomers. And then turn to another pack of casino bonus offers.

Refer-a-Friend itself is an offer rewarded to players who invite their friends to the gaming house and he/she becomes its true member. Yet, it has 2 various kinds, which you can meet.

One Time

This time, you select a person, who will definitely accept your invitation and join the same portal. The decision should be wise, cause once you select this very fellow, you won’t be able to call another one later. This is called a one-time bonus and it can’t be repeated in any case.


Some portals like awarding their members right along. They create multiple opportunities for you to receive a pleasant gift. That is why, referring a friend, you can invite another one later. Yeah, the process is returnable and provides you with a chance to boost your balance repeatedly.

Steps to Receive Invitation Bonus

Okey, so we have analyzed the kinds of the offer. What is next? And right when you are obsessed with the possibility, check out the terms of usage. Let us determine how exactly the service works and what conditions you are to meet in order to be play it safe.

Guide for a Referring Player

You definitely know that nothing is feasible until you create an account for a real money player. Yeah, having a true profile, you should transfer real cash, play the games from the presented list and be active for a while. Only those members who remain faithful to the site can count on more profits.

Guide for a Referred Player

What if you turn to be the gamer who is invited? This time there is also a chain of particular steps, which you are to take. Usually, the buddies warn each other once such things happen, yet, learn the main points to know beforehand.

Open an Account and Claim a Welcome Bonus

referral casino bonusCheck out your inbox, there should be a letter with a special invitation sent to your e-mail address. Now, you are to follow the link and find yourself on the casino site.

Yeah, the next move is passing the registration and owning your personal account. By the bye, you are to claim the Welcome promo of the portal, meeting all its conditions (min deposits, limits, etc.).

Enter Text to Confirm, That You Were Invited

Right on the halfway of the pastime, you can notice a pop-up window, requiring you to enter a special code confirming your personality. Look for the pattern in the e-letter, cause this is the single method to affirm that you are the one, who has been encouraged and you can gain benefits.

Restrictions Regarding Pick Up a Friend Casino Bonus

The current promotion can be rewarded to both players (existing and invited) in case a new member has no experience in the casino, makes the first deposit and has no troubles with other online gaming portals. In order the referring gamer gets the bonus cash, the referred one should enter a special code before the registration to confirm that he/she was called.