We got used to receiving casino bonuses on a regular basis. Usually, such conditions as the registration, initial investments and wagering requirements follow the best promos. However, you can get your hands on best online casino bonus propositions, which need more than just being a member of the venue. They demand some additional, but easy actions, aimed at the extension of your opportunities, which can also bring benefits. So, what’s all this about?

Tasks to Get a Bonus

casino bonus rewardGambling portals and operators are avid for newbies; thus, promotions help them to lure clients. Usually, you get money for wagering and free spins. For example, if you’re a sports fan, they’ll give $5 for your first bet. Or you’re a new player from the UK or any other country specified in terms, then, your prize is 25 or FS. There are cases when small cash bonuses (around $10) are the rewards for logging in at the determined time.

Social Games

Most likely, you’re an Internet user with the Facebook or/and Twitter accounts. Several years ago, famous developers as IGT, Playtika and Zynga began creating apps for the social gaming sphere. Today, you can get the additional 5-10 dollars for signing and playing various products on FB. They can be slots or roulette, or arcades, etc. Unfortunately, they are free – you can’t bet real money there.

Installing an Application

Besides the games, you can also be asked to install the application onto your device to get the bonus. Almost any playhouse requires an app giving you $5-25 on average instead. If you don’t want to waste the memory, consider the extensive opportunities, which open with the program loading. By the by, many people find such a way of gambling as the more comfortable one.

Exchange Special Points

The numerosity of online gambling institutions provide their customers with loyalty programs. Their purpose is to encourage players to wager more funds. On average, you have to outlay 10 £/€/$ to earn 1 point. The exchange process has a ladder structure. Newcomers are on the lowest stage. The more you spend on stakes, the higher your position is. It means that each dollar/euro/pound will finally require fewer scores for the swap. Collect the needed credit amount and get some cash instead.

Expiration Date of Casino Bonus

bonus reward in casino for playingMany gamblers don’t actually draw their attention to the promo’s validity. Therefore, if you can’t meet the deadline, the bonus will be voided. Nevertheless, upon the expiration date of almost all offers you suppose to get quite a good deal of time for the promotion using. Depending on the place, you can come across the following numbers: 24-72 hours for free rounds usage, 1-4 weeks for completing playthrough rules, 3-6 months for the use of loyalty rewards (credits, coins, free spins).

Types of Games Where You Can Use Them

You can put questions based all this information – what can you do with all these bonuses? Of course, you must spend them within the online casino. And, we think you know where. It’s about the most distinguished operator’s choices – slots and table games.


Pokies have earned their recognition for being fun, highly interactive and uncalculated. You don’t think several moves ahead. It’s almost the best choice for outlaying cash and gratis spins due to the random outcomes, plenty of beautiful products and the vast customization enabled.

Table Games

On the other side, it’s a good idea to play cards for the given promo money. Here, you’re able to apply any strategies, show your skills, count values, etc. Nonetheless, no matter what you’ll choose, there can be a limit on the games, including slot machines, on which the promos can be spent. But, the decision is up to you.