It always feels good to receive something for free. Casinos arrange frequent giveaways, so there is a chance to get a lot of extra perks if you know what to look for. Casino bonus codes are a tool that help players. These are special combinations of digits and letters for visitors to enter on a gambling website in return for gifts. They are released by the gaming providers to attract new gamesters or to reward those, who are already registered.
The lifespan of every code usually ranges from 1 to 14 days depending on its type and casino policy.

Ways of Getting

Getting Of Casino Bonus CodesThere is no shortage of proposals on the internet. You may opt for the web portals specialized in promos. They post all the necessary data divided into categories in one place and have a convenient selection by the type of game, time limits, wagering etc.

Reviews and ratings obtain some additional and useful info, too. Forums are one more source of gift codes and referral links from other gamblers.

What Casino Bonuses I Can Get With Codes

Special offers come in many forms and each of them is destinated to a relevant type of award from a specified staking house. Read about the various kinds of free presents.

Special Points

They are added to a loyalty score and can be later exchanged for game credits, prizes or exclusive features. You can collect them to upgrade to the premium status, which grants an increased percentage rate of return on your deposits, and other complements. Additional points are often given for using various coupons, in which case, the player gets a double reward of bonus plus member points.

Free Bonus

Generally, the gaming providers give away coupons for free spins. This is a great opportunity to win without investing. Depending on the gambling preferences, you will get from 5 to 10 EUR/USD/GBP or 10-150 rolls</>.
Notice that most casinos don’t allow for consecutive active bonuses or have a restriction on the number of keys you can enter in a given period of time.

Mixed Deals

Online Casino Bonus CodesSome promotions include several different presents for one code. You can often encounter spins + match + cashback cocktail. For instance, one may find a coupon for 150%-200% extra credits based on the player’s deposit + 30-50 rolls.

Combined offers like this are valid for a specific type of game or mix of them. Wagering conditions and expiration date are always mentioned in the detailed description.

Casino Bonus Activation Process

Every bonus has its own unique key. In order to obtain a prize players have to log in and enter the “magic word”. The exact place where you put it may be different, depending on the website, but rest assured – many coupons come with instructions.

Cashier Zone

In most cases, gaming sites have a special section – a place in the member area or a promotion tab in the main menu. This is where you can enter the code, check the balance and learn about other offers. Only a registered user can activate the key.

Support Section

It doesn’t happen much these days, still, sometimes you may have to write to the casino support and send them the bonus code to get your treat. In any case, don’t hesitate to refer to the house’s specialists, if you have any issues or questions concerning promo coupons.